DSG Transport Boxes

As we are a company who receives many different units in to be tested and remanufactured on a daily basis, there are a few things that we require when sending any unit into us.

Firstly, every unit that is sent into us would require an order via our website. This online order is important for many reasons, not only does it serve as a job card for the job, which will have all the necessary information that we require, but the form will also create a digital copy which we can record notes from testing and remanufacture, how we can track the unit around the building and the remanufacture process and we also use it to invoice the unit off at the end before sending it back to you. Without this form, we are unable to do any of this.

Secondly, with some units we require additional parts so that we can fully test the unit. These additional parts would usually be the immobilizer components from the vehicle which can vary from vehicle to vehicle, model to model.
As we have a bespoke testing machine, which we test majority of our units on, this machine simulates the units like they would be on the vehicle, which if one of the immobilizer components was missing on the car the vehicle will refuse to run, like it would on our test machine.
We always suggest to call us before sending a unit straight to us to clarify if any additional parts are needed to be sent with a unit.

Thirdly, we expect all units to be sufficiently packaged when sending to us. We are often getting units sent to us that have been damaged through transit due to insignificant packaging, which could make the unit beyond repair.
For two of our units, the DSG 6 and DSG 7 TCU’s we have developed and designed specialist boxes for these units to be sent to us in, simply because there are delicate components on these that can easily get broken during transit, even with significant packaging.
As you can see by the pictures, a DSG 6 was sent to us in one of our branded cardboard boxes and one of the delicate sensor arms has been broken making this unit beyond repair. In other pictures you can see the unit fixed into one of our bespoke purple boxes, which would have protected the unit from damage during transit. If in doubt call us to discuss any unit you feel is faulty on 01206 849920