Fault code P1220 on a Fiat 500: no or poor response to the accelerator pedal

What does this error code mean?

This malfunction is described as "intermittant throttle issue". This defect means that the driver has no or poor response to the accelerator pedal.

Which cars commonly have this error code?

Fiat 500

Abarth 500

This error code can of course also occur with other variants of the Fiat 500, such as the Fiat 500C.

Symptoms with error code P1220

Once the car generates the P1220 trouble code, the engine management light on the dashboard will illuminate. The car will go into limp mode and the driver will notice that the response to the accelerator pedal is no longer satisfactory.

Causes of error code P1220

With this problem, there can of course be many different issues that can cause this problem. Think of a broken cable, a weak ground connection or a defective accelerator pedal. These are things that are often the first to be checked when a car has this fault. If all these things turn out to be okay, then there is a possibility that the problem is in the ECU. However, there is another component that we have seen that causes the malfunction most of the time.

Our advice in the case of error code P1220

A common possible cause is moisture getting into the plug near the accelerator, causing the pins in the plug to corrode and make poor contact. Our advice is to check it first and in case it is corroded to clean or replace it properly. This is often the solution to the problem. If this is not the case and the other parts mentioned above are not defective, the next step could be to have the ECU tested by ACtronics. If during our extensive test it appears that the part is defective, we will proceed to overhaul the Magneti Marelli IAW 5SF ECU. We will return the part to new condition so that the car can be used again for many miles to come. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.