Fault code P2711 /19143 in a Volkswagen (VAG)

Description of fault code P2711 /19143

The OBD-fault code P2711 is equivalent to VAG’s fault code 19143. The description of this fault code explains clearly what the problem is. This fault code can be read in cars with an automatic transmission. In VAG cars this is quite often read in the DSG 6 gear box. A fault in this DSG gear box can cause the transmission not changing gears anymore as required.

This fault is found most often in

Volkswagen Passat 3C

Volkswagen Golf 5

Volkswagen Touran 1T

Audi A3 8P

In short, this fault code can be read in different car models of the VAG group that are equipped with a DSG6 DQ250.

Common symptoms of fault code P2711 /19143

Just like any major fault code, this fault code will trigger the MIL-light on the instrument cluster. A faulty transmission is something that the driver will notice immediately. In some cases this fault code can lead to a complete failure of the transmission.

Common causes of fault code P2711 / 19143

A mechanical problem in the gears of the transmission might cause the transmission to change to default or “Limp” mode. Metal fragments might be attached to the magnets on the shift forks. The proper operation of the gear position sensor is affected by this. The mechatronics will change to default mode and turn off one of the input shafts and therefore half of the gears.

Our advice for a fault code P2711/19143

Verify that the magnets in the gear position sensors are free of metal fragments and debris. If debris is found, check the transmission for wear and damage. Verify the gear box oil filter as this can be clogged. In this case the oil filter will be bypassed which means that that he oil will not be filtered anymore. This can cause debris on the sensors. Clean the magnets and see if the fault code is still present

If fault code P2711/19143 is still present then it is possible that a defect is present in the TCU. ACtronics developed a remanufacture procedure that will clear the fault. We will be happy to help you solve this fault. Be advised though, ACtronics is only able to take remanufacture orders from registered companies. We advise individuals to look at our website to find a garage or dealership close to you that might be able to help you with your remanufacture. For any questions, please contact us.