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The Ford Focus instrument cluster is probably one of the most common units that we have sent to us to be remanufactured. 90% of the time the vehicle fails to start, with a quick bang on the top of the dash or a kick will start it back into life.

The common U1900 fault.

Lately, we've been getting more calls about one particular problem with these units. The problem causes a U1900 error code to appear.

This error usually happens when there's an issue with the immobiliser system or communication system in the vehicle. The underlying cause is often cracks in the solder joints, connector pins, or pads on the printed circuit board inside the instrument cluster. Fixing it requires a lot of work on the entire circuit board.

This is typically caused by physical damage to the connections on the internal circuit board, and repairing it involves extensive repairs to the board inside the instrument cluster.

Performing our own tests

Though this work normally fixed the issues, we've had more calls about code U1900 persisting after repairs. At ACTRONICS, we pride ourselves on R&D and customer service. So when a Ford Focus came in with a U1900 code, even after its instrument cluster, ECU and key were remanufactured, our engineers did more testing. 

Though full board repairs typically resolve U1900 faults, increased calls show the code sometimes remains. Using a U1900 Focus for live testing, we found the remanufactured parts functioned properly. This signalled extra faults in the vehicle causing the persistent code. 

Digging deeper into the problem

With the Focus onsite, our engineers tested it with the remanufactured parts installed. This confirmed the U1900 code remained active, preventing starting. As with electrical issues, wiring checks are crucial to confirm a part is truly faulty before replacing it.

We knew the ECU needed 12V power. Multimeter testing revealed 12V was missing at the ECU, though present at the fuse box.

The code persisted with our remanufactured parts installed, which demonstrated additional faults were at play. Through wiring checks, we found power was reaching the fuse box but not the ECU, zeroing in on the root cause.

Multimeter ECU-testing

As you can see in the pictures, it confirms that there was a wiring fault coming from the fusebox to the ECU, as it should have been reading 12V, but was reading 0.

Fusebox pins ECU

Bridging power from Fuse F30 to ECU pin F9 restored the missing 12V and allowed starting. This simple wiring test pointed to a fault causing the U1900 code. Multimeter readings confirmed it as a permanent wiring issue, not fluctuation.

Our wiring bridge returned missing power, proving a wiring fault triggered the U1900 code. The garage pinpointed and fixed the faulty wire, permanently clearing the code. Complete diagnosis beforehand allows our engineers to efficiently hone in on faults using our specialist testing capabilities.

The garage later found and repaired the faulty wire, eliminating the U1900 code and resolving the no-start. Thorough diagnosis before sending parts is critical because faults can stem from various issues. To best troubleshoot our test benches, we rely on complete diagnoses from garages and dealerships.

Test thoroughly, and never guess.

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What is remanufacturing?

Remanufacturing is a thorough procedure that encompasses the restoration of used or depleted products to a state that either meets or surpasses their initial specifications. This eco-friendly approach actively promotes sustainability by prolonging the lifespan of products and minimising waste.

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