ACtronics partners with DiagnoseDan TSB

ACtronics is the latest knowledge partner of DiagnoseDan TSB, also known as the DDTSB. This makes ACtronics the exclusive supplier of diagnostic information about electronic automotive parts!

Great start

The man behind DiagnoseDan TSB, Danny Versluis, is very happy with the collaboration. “With ACtronics, the knowledge leader in the field of electronic car parts at our side. The fact that we are getting so many good responses from the automotive industry at such an early stage and being able to add ACtronics to our partner network is a great pleasure to us!”

With this, Versluis, who has more than 120,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel DiagnoseDan, is referring to the fact that the platform has only been online for a few months. “A while ago I came into contact with the company Elektro Partner. They have been active in Denmark, Norway and Sweden for many years and support these Scandinavian garage companies with diagnostic advice. Dozens of specialists are available to assist with complicated problems. Previously, this was always done by telephone, but with all the knowledge and expertise they have in house, an online TSB was added. About half of all car companies in Scandinavia now use their services and have a subscription with Elektro Partner with their Autofrontal platform. In order to be able to offer the service to the rest of Europe, they were looking for a partner who could support them in this. After using the TSB myself a number of times in the workshop, I was completely sold and I was eager to get started with it. By accessing exclusive videos, self-study material and a specialized helpdesk, we have transformed the program into DiagnoseDan TSB. I am really very proud of this!”

The DiagnoseDan TSB platform was launched in December 2020. “All in all, it took almost a year to translate all the knowledge that was already available in Autofrontal. And that's not surprising, because the TSB provides answers to more than 60,000 different malfunctions! We have been online for almost half a year now and the response is great! We have received so many nice messages from workshops who have solved complex faults much faster. And that is exactly what we stand for!”, says an enthusiastic Versluis.

Remanufacturing as a solution for the problem

Herco Louwerse, Product Manager at ACtronics is also happy with the collaboration. “In recent years we have built up a gigantic knowledge base about automotive electronics and the associated product range that we have. This information is crucial for us to best serve our customers. Thanks to this knowledge, we know which errors occur more often and in which direction they point. In this way we can offer customers a suitable remanufacture solution and in some cases also advice if we suspect that the problem lies elsewhere in the car. With the collaboration with the DiagnoseDan TSB platform, we are sure that we can provide even more valuable information to the workshops. Users can search for their car, find their problem/malfunction or fault code and in no time at all you will find all kinds of relevant information that can help you solve the fault as quickly as possible. ACtronics will therefore also share its knowledge about automotive electronics via the platform from now on. If we are sure that remanufacturing is the solution to a certain malfunction, you can go to the ACtronics website with one push of a button from the DDTSB platform. This way you can immediately place a remanufacture order and send the part to us. It works fantastic!"

Interested in DiagnoseDan TSB?

You can already subscribe to DiagnoseDan TSB for an amount of £300 excl. VAT per year. You will receive full access to the platform and you can use their hotline twice a year for free via chat or telephone if the problem cannot be found in the database. After that, your malfunction will be supported from A to Z for only £18.