The 10 most beautiful purple cars for a summers day

Before we begin, of course, we must say that we may be a little biased about the colour purple. If you look at our website and logo, you will understand why. But car manufacturers also think purple is a great colour, as can be seen from the list below. We made an overview of the 10 most beautiful purple-tinted cars that rolled out of the factory. And we found some gems among them!

Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster in Viola Parsifae

We immediately kick off with the king of purple cars, Lamborghini. This brand, where the word extravaganza is central, a "middle of the road" grey colour simply does not fit. The tradition that the brand has with the colour purple goes back many years. You probably remember the purple Lamborghini Diablo that starred in the Cosmic Girl music video. Even now you can still opt for a purple colour at Lamborghini. The most famous colour is 'Viola Parsifae'. When we see this photo, we understand why different customers want this bull in this colour, because the Aventador looks so good in this colour!

Photo: Ivan Orlov

Dodge Challenger in Plum Crazy

The tradition that Lamborghini has built up with the colour purple is something that they are probably not really impressed with at Dodge, because the American Dodge really takes the cake. Since 1970 they have already had the colour 'Plum Crazy' in their range. From the moment that colour became available, it was an instant hit. The Challenger in particular was bought in purple by many customers. After it has been a bit quieter for a few years at Dodge around this colour, it is now completely back: more than fifty years later, the Challenger is again available in the colour Plum Crazy!

Photo: Torque News

Nissan GT-R V-Spec in Midnight Purple III

From America we cross the Pacific to Japan. Although they are somehow not fond of the colour purple there, Japan is still the homeland of one of the most iconic purple cars ever built. In fact, it is perhaps one of the most appropriate colours ever used on a car. Nissan dared to go wild with the purple paint on their iconic Skyline R34 GTR. But this colour was not available for the 'standard' GTR. No no, if you wanted this colour, you had to purchase the exclusive (and therefore more expensive) V-Spec edition. But what a beauty it is! The colour Midnight Purple III looks the part. Why don't you see more Nissans in this colour these days? Well, because Nissan now uses what we think is a somewhat tamer alternative to that colour, which is sold as 'Midnight Opal'.

Photo: Nissan

Ferrari 488 Pista in Viola Hong Kong

Anyone who says that a Ferrari can and should only be red has probably never seen the Ferrari 488 Pista in the colour Viola Hong Kong. It's not surprising that you've never seen that combination. Only a handful of Ferraris are painted in this colour. It wasn't even an official colour, actually. If we are to believe the stories on the worldwide web, it was a Ferrari customer who had to have his car in this colour. Since the personalization of cars continues to progress, a custom colour can also be added! We believe that this owner has at least used Ferrari's Tailor Made program in the right way, because we can only say that this Ferrari 488 Pista in Viola Hong Kong is a feast for the eyes!

Photo: Motors.Mega

Pagani Huayra Roadster in Viola Dragon

From the Ferrari factory in Maranello it is about 25 kilometers in a northwesterly direction to arrive in Graziosa. There you can find the factory of a company that produces perhaps even more exclusive cars. We are of course talking about Pagani. You may not find a cheap deal there, but you can trust Pagani to make beautiful cars. The 764 hp strong V12 Huayra Roadster ensures that you also get from A to B quickly. But why would you want that? The Huayra Roadster is a beauty in every possible way. And the colour Viola Dragon completes the picture.

Photo: Exclusive Car Registry / @JSpotter

BMW M5 in Purple Silk Metallic

Anyone who thinks that the colour purple only suits exotic Italian cars is wrong. German manufacturers can also help you with a purple-tinted car. Cars like the BMW 2 series, BMW M4 and BMW M5 can all be bought in purple and to be precise in the colour 'Purple Silk Metallic'. For those who doubt whether this is an official colour, the BMW site proves that this is really the case. You simply almost never see them driving around in this colour, that is secretly a bit of a shame. Although the M5 F10 looks good in almost any colour, this Purple Silk paint certainly doesn't look out of place on the car!

Photo: BMW M

Audi RS6 in Merlin Purple

And what about BMW's biggest competitor? Does Audi also have a nice purple colour on offer? Of course they do! Although the colour 'Merlin Purple' has been applied to various Audi models, we think it looks very good on this Audi RS6. The deep purple colour appears almost black in the shade, but as soon as the sun's rays shine on the paint, a very characteristic purple colour emerges. If you want an RS6 that is just that little bit different, then this Merlin Purple colour will certainly take care of that!

Photo: Romans Walkarounds

Porsche 911 GT3RS in Ultraviolet

If you're in the mood to go all out with the colour purple, don't hesitate to knock on Porsche's door. If you want a striking colour on a 911 GT3RS, for example, then you have come to the right place at the paint department of Porsche. The colour Ultraviolet is perhaps the most striking colour purple that can be found in this list. Do you want to stand out less, but still want a purple finish on a Porsche body? Then Porsche also offers the colour Viola Metallic. This colour is very similar to BMW's previously discussed purple shade.

Photo: MVPhotography

Bentley Continental GT in Azure Purple

Do you prefer English class? Then Bentley has exactly the purple solution you are looking for! Although you might not easily link the colour purple to Bentley, the Continental GT really is available in the colour Azure Purple. And the story attached to this is just as special as the colour itself. Bentley was asked if they could make the intense colour of the Cape violet (Saintpaulia). Bentley's paint masters got to work and then came up with the colour Azure Purple. We have to say, it turned out very well!

Photo: H.R. Owen Bentley

McLaren 720S in Mauvine Blue

The last car from this list is also a British car. Although you would not immediately think of purple when you hear the name of this colour, the colour Mauvine Blue is a beautiful mix of purple and blue tones. McLaren is doing well in purple anyway, because in addition to Mauvine Blue, McLaren also offers the colour Lantana Purple. We also understand why quite a lot of McLaren customers secretly fall for one of these colours.

Photo: Sounds of Montreal

Now that we look back at this list, we notice that more and more newer cars are also available in the colour purple and we are of course very happy with that. But which one do you think is the most beautiful? Let us know!