These car models suffer most often from electronic faults in autumn

Autumn has been with us for some time already and it is noticeable. It is getting wetter and colder and the days are getting shorter. Unfortunately, this can increase the chance of certain parts to fault. The change in temperature after the summer combined with the moisture normally found in autumn, can impact the sensitive electronics. Some of these parts are located in places that are even more sensitive to this rain-water. Think about parts that are located behind the wheel arches. We were wondering what parts will fault most in autumn and are remanufactured by us.

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Mercedes-Benz is well presented in our top 5 with the A-Class (W169) and the B-Class (W245). For both models the TCU in the 722.8 transmission is presented as the faulty part. The codes P0720, P0722, P0793 and P0794 can often be traced to a faulty rpm sensor or shift position sensor, which will lead to a gear shift problem.

Note! Did you find fault code P2723, P2731 or P2732 in a Mercedes-Benz A-Class (W169) or B-Class (W245)? Verify the hydraulics. This can be caused by small cracks in the blue-white O-ring in the hydraulic block or cracks in the hydraulic block itself. Contaminated transmission-fluid can be a cause as well. Always change the oil in the gear box and properly verify the hydraulic block, when these fault codes are shown.

In nearly every model do we list an ABS-unit. The ATE MK60 that is used in the VW Golf 5 and the Ford Focus II is an ABS unit that we receive quite often for remanufacture. Most faults seem to come from problems in the pressure sensor or the hybrid-connections of the unit. In the ATE MK60 used in the Golf 5 the fault codes VAG: 01435 and VAG: 059B are common. In the Ford Focus the pressure sensor can cause faults in combination with a C1288 (Pressure transducer main/primary circuit failure) code.

In both the Mercedes B-Class and Vauxhall Corsa D the Bosch 8 ESP is normally the unit that comes forward as most defective. Often the problems come from either a fault in the pump motor or there is no pressure on the brakes.

In the instrument clusters we normally observe that one or more of the pointers is not operating, but other faults are observed as well. Think of a display failure or complete failure of the cluster.

Parts that are causing most defects in autumn in models:

1 Ford Focus 2 

2 Vauxhall Corsa D

3 Mercedes-Benz A-Class W169

4 Mercedes-Benz B-Class W245

5 Volkswagen Golf 5

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