Vapor Phase technology, New remanufacture process ACtronics

ACtronics has made a new improvement in the quality of the remanfacturing process of instrument clusters. In the further developed remanufacture process, a Vapor Phase Machine has been added.

Standardised high quality

With the introduction of the Vapor Phase Machine, ACtronics has a new addition to the largely automated remanufacturing line that was already in use earlier this year. The purpose of the remanufacturing line is to be able to repair instrument panels in batches in an effective and qualitative manner. After all, top quality ensures a durable component, so that the customer can be on the road safely again!

Search for the best solution

If you look at a PCB, you will immediately see that it is a sensitive component with many bits and pieces that are connected to it via solder connections. It is precisely these solder joints that can become porous over time due to temperature changes, vibrations or simply by use. The minor cracks that can form over time cause the part to no longer work properly. That's why we at ACtronics always repair these solder joints preventively to prevent possible defects in the future. That's exactly what the fully automatic Vapor Phase Machine supports during the remanufacturing of instrument clusters.