Volkswagen / VAG Fault code 01423 - Lateral Acceleration Sensor (G200)

ATE MK61 - ABS-units


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Description of fault code 01423

The VAG fault code 01423 indicates that there are problems with the lateral acceleration sensor G200. The lateral acceleration sensor is also known as the yaw rate sensor. It is a sensor that is used by ABS systems equipped with ESP functionality. When driving through a corner, a plate shifts between two capacitors. If the car is moving in a straight line, the voltage on both capacitors is the same. However, as soon as a corner is entered, this plate will shift due to the centrifugal force, causing the voltage in one capacitor to increase while decreasing in the other. The lateral acceleration sensor sends this information to the ABS / ESP unit and this value is used to determine what steering angle is used. If these values differ from the reference values compared to the information obtained from the steering angle sensor, the ESP intervenes to keep the car on the road and prevents understeer or oversteer

This fault is found most often in

Volkswagen Golf V

Volkswagen Golf VI

Audi A3 8P

Skoda Octavia 1Z

In short: This error code can be read on various cars of the VAG group. This error code mainly appears in VAG cars equipped with the ATE MK61. This luxury variant of the ATE MK60 (also known as the ATE MK60E) is equipped with ESP functionality.

Common symptoms of fault code 01423

If the lateral acceleration sensor is faulty but the car is in a situation in which the ESP functionality does not have to operate, the driver will not notice anything strange in the behaviour of the car. However, a G-sensor error is potentially dangerous and will therefore, in many cases cause the ABS / ESP warning light to be triggered. In many cases this will be the reason that the driver will notice a fault in the ABS system.

Common causes of the fault code 01423

It is difficult to pinpoint this fault to a specific cause. Several causes can create a fault that result in the 01423 error code. Generally these causes can be divided into two categories, problems with the default settings and 'electric circuit failures'.

Our advice on what to do if a fault code 01423 is found

If 'No or incorrect Basic Setting / Adaptation' is found, run the default setting again. This is a vehicle-specific procedure. In many cases, the fault code will disappear when this procedure has completed.

For an Electric Circuit Failure some more steps need to be taken. Start by checking the wiring and connections to and from the G200 lateral acceleration sensor. If these are not at fault, check the power supply. If this is within the allowed values there could be two possibilities. First replace the G200 sensor and see if is possible to erase the fault code. If the error code is still present, chances are the error is in the ATE MK61. We have seen this before and have developed a remanufacture solution for this. Please contact our customer service team to discuss the possibilities of a remanufacture.