Chrysler TCU

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Chrysler TCUs

The United States of America is one of the countries where nearly every car is equipped with an automatic transmission. Many Chrysler models are equipped with an automatic transmission as well. The 300 C and the Crossfire for example use the 5G-tronic gearbox made by Mercedes-Benz. Many different car manufacturers use these transmissions, think about Jeep, Dodge and Ssangyong.

The 5G-tronic gearboxes suffer often from faults that are related to the RPM sensors. The TCU (=computer) of the 5G uses the values of these sensors to do the necessary computations. ACtronics has a remanufacture procedure for this fault. Would you like to know if your Chrysler suffers from the same fault? Please select the correct model and series number.

Most remanufactured TCUs in Chrysler models by ACtronics:

  • 300 C;
  • Crossfire;