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TCUs from Mazda: Powered by Ford

Mazda is known for its reliable cars. Especially in its homeland of Japan, the brand is therefore very popular. They have a model for every segment. Just like many other car manufacturers, Mazda has put a lot of effort into sustainability in recent years. Think for example of the in-house developed Skyactiv. In addition, Mazda now also offers cars with hybrid engines.

In terms of technology Mazda has worked closely with the European arm of Ford in the past. It will come as no surprise, then, that they turned to Ford to robotise their gearboxes. The Ford Fiesta already had a relatively cheap solution: Durashift. So it is also fine for the Mazda 2, a car in the same segment. Over the years, however, the Durashift TCU proved not to be entirely problem-free. Just like with the Fiesta, there are regular complaints about this system in the Mazda 2. Think of difficult or no gear shifting or even an "F" in the display and the refusal to start. Because a new TCU is very expensive, we have developed a revision solution.