Volkswagen TCUs

Looking for a remanufacturing solution for Ford TCU/TCM? Use the filters above to select the correct part. If the correct part is not listed, please contact our customer service.

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Volkswagen TCUs: we can remanufacture them

DSG is by now famous and notorious: the automatic transmission with double clutch operates really well if its fault free. But unfortunately, things do go wrong. Not only mechanical problems like a slipping clutch or a rattle because of extensive wear, but the electronics have their weak points as well. We, of course, mean the TCU (Transmission Control Unit). This part consists of the mechanical part (valve block/ labyrinth) and electronic part (computer). The complaints differ per type of DSG, but the DSG DQ250 as well as the DSG7 DQ200 are sent to ACtronics for remanufacture on a daily basis.

These are the TCUs that we remanufacture most: