Citroën ECUs

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Citroen ECUs

Citroën, the French car brand with an illustrious name, has been part of the PSA Group (Peugeot, Citroën, Opel, Vauxhall and DS) since 1976. In the meantime, all car brands within this group have become part of Stellantis. Since the introduction of the Citroen brand, it builds contemporary cars with special designs (2CV, also known as the 'ugly duckling') and progressive techniques. The hydropneumatic suspension system of Citroën was very innovative and enriched the driving experience enormously. Did you know that Citroën has Dutch origins? Founder André Citroën did not come from France, but from the Netherlands. 

In cars where new techniques are used, unfortunately, sometimes things break down. With some Citroen models, problems can occur in relation to the ECU. Take a model like the Bosch EDC16C34 for example complaints about injection (control of injectors) occur regularly. Also problems in the 5-volt circuit of the ECU are common. It is always important to make a proper diagnosis before sending the ECU in for revision because the problems could also be elsewhere in the car.