4 most common complaints of a defective instrument panel

The instrument panel (also called the instrument cluster or speedo clock) is one of the parts that you most often look at as a driver. A defective instrument panel can be very annoying. Therefore, in this blog we will discuss topics such as: the operation of an instrument panel, the main symptoms of a defective instrument panel, possible causes of the defect and the solutions that ACtronics can offer for this.


The operation of the instrument panel

The function of the instrument panel is to show the most important information to the driver. The dashboard often contains information such as the speedometer, rev counter, oil pressure and coolant temperature. Using various sensors in the car, the values in the instrument panel are converted into information. For example, the data generated by a wheel sensor is converted into information for the speedometer on the instrument cluster. Under the hood, the instrument panel is in fact a large circuit board with various (solder) connections, processors and LED lights.

The main symptoms of a defective instrument panel

The symptoms that can occur with a defective instrument cluster vary greatly depending on the type of instrument panel. For example, a defective instrument panel of a Ford C-Max / Ford Focus II can cause the car not to start at all. This is not a symptom that we often see in other instrument panels. Symptoms that we often see with other dashboards, on the other hand, are faulty displays, complete failure of the panel, weakly lit LED lights and non-functioning gauges. These are all symptoms that point directly to a defect in the panel. Based on the error codes that are read out, the workshop detection can be supplemented. The error code U1900 is common on the Ford C-Max / Focus II instrument panel and the error code D004 on the Volvo S60 instrument panel.

Causes of defective instrument clusters

Where the symptoms of a possible faulty dashboard can vary greatly, the cause of the different faults is often the same. The defects are often caused by vibrations in the car. Over time, this can result in loose connections.

Have the instrument panel remanufactured

To solve the defects of an instrument cluster, remanufacturing is a cheap and durable alternative to new. Specific solutions have been developed for each of the instrument panels in our remanufacture range. Do you have a defective instrument panel that you would like to have remanufactured? Take a look at our remanufacture range for instrument panels. Please contact us for more information.

Please note: we only work with car companies and garages!