Fault code 01276 Hydraulic ABS pump (V64) tips & tricks for VAG models

ATE MK61 - ABS-units


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What do these fault codes mean?

VAG code 01276 is a common fault code for Audi, Seat, Skoda or Volkswagen models. The fault code indicates a fault in the hydraulic part of the ABS system, more precise the ABS pump motor. This fault can cause the ABS system to malfunction and the brakes to lock during abrupt braking.

In which cars is this fault code common?

Audi A6 4F

Seat Ibiza IV

Seat Ibiza V

Volkswagen Polo 6R

Volkswagen Polo 9N

This fault code can of course also be seen in other vehicles of the V.A.G. group. Think of models like the Audi A4 8K, Audi A6 4G, Skoda Fabia 5J and Volkswagen Crafter 2E.

Symptoms of fault code 01276

Like with nearly any other ABS fault codes, a light on the dashboard will light up in many cases. In the case of fault code 01276, it will be the orange ABS light. During a normal drive, the driver will not notice any malfunction in the ABS system: the brakes will operate normally. However, during a sudden braking manoeuvre, the abs will not function leading to a potential dangerous situation.

Causes of Fault Code 01276

There can be several causes for fault code 01276 to be diagnosed. Given the fault code, it sounds logically that a fault is present in the ABS unit / ABS pump and that is one of the triggers of this fault code. However, there is another cause that gives this fault code.

Our advice in the case of fault code 01276

When this fault code is diagnosed, our advice is to check the screw fuses on top of the battery. But be careful! These fuses can only be properly verified when they are removed, because a break in the fuse is very difficult to see when installed. These fuses fail regularly, resulting in the ABS pump no longer being supplied with voltage.

If the fuses are found to be functioning, there is a fair chance that the problem might be in the ABS unit. In this case, send the complete ABS unit (pump motor, hydraulic part and ECU) to us for our remanufacture team to verify. If the test results show the defect to be in the ABS unit, a remanufacture will be initiated.

Do you have any questions about this part or about our remanufacture? Please feel free to contact us and we will respond to you as soon as possible. We remanufacture so the car can continue to drive safely!