P0706 error code on Mercedes-Benz A-Class W169 / B-Class W245: Meaning and Solution!

What does this error code mean?

If you read the fault code P0706 on a Mercedes A-Class or Mercedes B-Class, you will find the following fault code description: “The signals of the range selector are implausible in comparison to the signals from the electronic selector lever module.” In short, this means that the signals from the selector on the gearbox do not correspond to the signals from the electronic shift lever. This means that the error code points in the direction of the mechatronics of the 722.8 gearbox. Mercedes-Benz has only used this gearbox in the A-Class W169 and the B-Class W245.

Symptoms of error code P0706

You notice a problem in the gearbox immediately as a driver and that is no different with this CVT gearbox. A technical problem in the mechatronic will cause the transition between the gears to no longer run so smoothly. This results in a poorly shifting car. There are also cases where the car goes into limp mode or the car won't drive at all. In most cases, a dashboard warning light will illuminate.

Causes of error code P0706

It is difficult to pinpoint one specific cause that causes error code P0706 to appear. This CVT from Mercedes, like many other gearboxes, suffers from wear. There are a number of steps you can follow to find out the cause of this error code. These steps can be found below!

icon-check-markOur advice in case of error code P0706

First of all, check the sensors in the mechatronic for contamination by metal particles. This can also be a thin grey coloured (greasy) layer. If contamination is present, check the gearbox thoroughly for mechanical wear and damage. The line drawing on this page shows where the critical points are located. Then clean the sensor(s) and reset the error codes.

If you have not found any contamination by metal particles or if the error codes return after resetting, it is likely that there is an electronic malfunction in the Autotronic system. The TCU/TCM in the 722.8 gearbox is then most likely defective. Fortunately, ACtronics has developed a remanufacture solution for this, so that the A-Class or B-Class can be back on the road quickly without any problems!

If you want to send us the TCU of the 722.8 gearbox, you can simply click on the button below and fill in your details. Please note that you only send the TCU, so without the metal labyrinth! After we receive the part, it goes through a largely automated remanufacturing process so that the TCU can be returned to you in no time.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us: we are happy to assist you!