VAG Volkswagen Fault Code P0726/17110: Engine Control Module RPM Signal

What does this fault code mean?

OBD-II Fault Code P0726 refers to an electronic malfunction caused by an in-car computer, but perhaps not the computer you would first suspect.

On which car are these error codes often read?

The Cause of VAG Error Code P0726 / 17110

Although the error code description makes you suspect that there is a malfunction in the ECU of the engine, in many cases this turns out not to be the case. This error code is almost always caused by the DSG 7 DQ200. To be more specific, this fault code is almost always triggered if the gearbox mechatronics has been removed from the car and then not put back in correctly.

Our advice in case of error code P0726

In 9 out of 10 cases, the external sensor is the culprit. This is then not or incorrectly replaced. When replacing the external sensor, always make sure that the mounting clip is not broken and that the sensor is really tight against the housing.

Furthermore, replacing the mechatronics is a very precise job and the same fault code P0726 can also be triggered at the slightest deviation. That is why we always supply a mounting tool with a revised DSG 7 DQ200 mechatronics that ensures that the part can be installed according to the correct specifications. The following steps must be followed:

  • Place the 4 shift forks in the center position (neutral)
  • Pull the 4 cylinders one or two inches out of the DSG
  • Place the tool on the cylinders and gently press them one by one with the tool
  • The cylinders are now all in the correct position: the mechatronics are ready to be mounted

Note 1: Do not apply pressure to the sensors!
Note 2: Keep the mechatronics upright when replacing it!
Note 3: Finally, don't forget to replace the red sealing plug for the original vent cap!

If the DSG7 DQ200 is mounted using this method, fault code P0726 will disappear or not occur. Do you have any questions? Please feel free to contact our product specialists. They are happy to help you!