Top 5 most remanufactured ABS units


The ABS system is one of the most important safety systems in a car. The ABS unit consists of three components (ECU, hydraulic system and pump motor) that together ensure that the brakes of a car do not fail during a sudden braking action. However, faults can occur in the ABS system, which could leave the ABS unit having total failure. That is why ACtronics has various remanufacturing solutions to solve problems with the ABS system, so that the car can return back on to the road!

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The ATE MK61 is one of the most used ABS systems in the last 15 years and has been used by many different brands and types of cars. This unit often comes to our remanufacturing department with errors on the wheel sensors, a defective pump motor and in addition it often happens that no communication with the ABS ECU is possible.

icon-check-markCars with the ATE MK61

icon-fault-codesCommon error codes

  • Audi, Seat, Skoda, Volkswagen (VAG): 01276 (04FC), 01130 (046A);
  • BMW: 5DF0, 5DF1, 24048, 24049;
  • Ford: 04FC;
  • Mitsubishi: C2116;
  • Opel: C0110;
  • Renault: 04FC;
  • Seat: 04FC;
  • Suzuki: C1061, C1063;
  • Volvo: C002 01C

Bosch 8 ESP

Bosch 8 ESP Bosch 8 ESP

The Bosch 8 was for years the most produced ABS from Bosch. The German electronics giant not only made a version without, but also with ESP. Problems with this unit often have to do with errors on the pump motor, communication problems with the ABS ECU and with the brake pressure on one of the wheels. With this ABS, however, pay attention to power and / or earth-related faults! First check the fuses of the ABS system extra carefully, because our experience shows that this often causes problems.

icon-check-markCars with the Bosch 8 ESP

icon-fault-codesCommon error codes

  • Audi, Seat, Skoda, Volkswagen (VAG): 01314, P0522;
  • PSA: U1308;
  • Renault: C10C3, DF7017, 20675 often in combination with DF017, 50C3

ATE MK60 Hydraulische unit

MK60 Hydraulische unit ATE MK60 Hydraulische unit

You could see the MK60 as a simplified version of the ATE MK61. Just like the MK61, this ABS unit from the German brand ATE Teves has been used in many different cars. However, the defects that the units produce differ greatly from each other. The hydraulic unit, in particular, often causes problems with the MK60, which often concerns brake pressure sensor-related faults. Temperature changes and vibrations can cause connection wires of the pressure sensor to malfunction.

icon-check-markCars with the ATE MK60

icon-fault-codesCommon error codes

  • Audi, Seat, Skoda, Volkswagen (VAG): 01435, 059B;
  • BMW: 5DF5, 5E20, 24096, 24100;
  • Citroën: P1301, P1302;
  • Daihatsu: C1246;
  • Ford: C1288;
  • Mazda: 0130, C1288, C0044/28,64;
  • Mitsubishi: C121D, C1364;
  • Opel: C1028, C0131;
  • Peugeot: C1301, C1302;
  • Renault: DF088;
  • Suzuki: C1028;
  • Toyota: C1246 often in combination with C1223;
  • Volvo: P0130, P0134

Bosch 8 ABS

Bosch 8 ABS Bosch 8 ABS

We also often see the "standard" variant of the aforementioned Bosch 8 ABS coming into our remanufacturing department. However, this does not mean that the amount and / or type of defects are completely different. With this ABS we often see the same complaints as the version with ESP. In addition, errors on the wheel sensors with this system often come back.

icon-check-markCars with the Bosch 8 ABS

icon-fault-codesCommon error codes

  • Audi, Seat, Skoda, Volkswagen (VAG): 01201, 00301;
  • PSA: C1381, C1385;
  • Renault: DF017, 50C3, C10C3, 20675;



The MK70 from ATE Teves could be seen as "mini MK61". The MK61 is not only a bit larger, but also offers more functionalities. The MK70 has been developed for the somewhat smaller cars and, unlike the ATE MK61, has no ESP functionality. Common problems with which we often see this part coming in are: errors in the CAN bus, on the wheel sensors, pump motor and in addition, in some cases communication with the ECU is not possible.

icon-check-markCars with the ATE MK70

icon-fault-codesCommon error codes

  • Audi, Seat, Skoda, Volkswagen (VAG): 01130;
  • PSA: C1350, D000

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